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A little about me

I grew up in Brampton and I have been involved with animals my whole life. I have always had a deep passion for horses since I was a child, but long daily riding took its toll on my body. Pharmaceutical medications became an almost daily need for relief of my constant and severe aches and pains, so I turned to alternative medicine for help. With homeopathy on my side I went on to complete a two year Diploma for Equine Science in Alberta.

Shortly after returning home I decided to further my education with the studies of Homeopathic Medicine at Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine (Formerly TSHM), and Holistic Nutrition at Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. I also specialize in Essential Oils for health care support.

Nutrition is the foundational pillar for optimal health. I believe in educating my patients and implementing proper individualized plans to help you succeed. Knowledge gives you the power to take control of your health and start living as your best YOU!