Nutrition Consultation

Most people aren’t going to make change all by themselves. If they could, they would have already! They need the right systems, the right support, and the right accountability. With the right education I can provide this help that is so needed!

Nutritionist with female patient




Session to include:

  • Recommending food selection and preparation
  •  Evaluation of nutrient deficiencies and excesses
  • Recommending dietary supplements (vitamins / minerals, enzymes, essential fatty acids, fiber)
  • Evaluation of an individual’s food intake, lifestyle habits and exercise participation.
  • Designing a program specifically for each individual
  • Custom detoxification and cleansing protocols

This intake consultation is required for all new patients and includes a discussion of your health history, goals, concerns, lifestyle, food preferences, etc. Judith will create a customized protocol including dietary, supplement and lifestyle recommendations as well as a 7-day meal plan, complete with recipes. It is time to make your health the top priority so that you can live your very best life!


follow up


This session is for current clients coming in for check in, have an acute issue or who need clarification/adjustments to their current plan.